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IT Infrastructure Services

Whether you’re just launching your business or you have been around for years, using JCIT’s outsourced IT services in Salt Lake City can make your company more successful. We do IT infrastructure setup and we provide managed IT services and support for and medium-sized businesses throughout the Salt Lake City area.
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IT Infrastructure Setup for New Businesses

When you’re just starting out, you want to start right. That means relying on professional services for your IT infrastructure setup.

IT infrastructure setup is not simply configuring your computers, plugging them in and making sure they’re all connected to each other and the printer. It’s a highly complex and individualized process that includes tailoring all your software and hardware to your company’s mission. It includes creating a safe place to store and retrieve your data, such as business plans, product details, client contacts, sales receipts, credit card numbers, tax information and so much more.

Once your infrastructure is properly set up to meet your specifications, we provide IT service management to ensure your network runs efficiently. A well-managed network is updated regularly, making breakdowns and interruptions less frequent.

IT Support for Salt Lake City Businesses

When you run a business, your budget may not be large enough to pay for your own IT department, or even one or two employees. Compared to outsourced IT services, hiring IT employees is expensive. You have to pay them benefits, they likely have a lot of downtime, and you and your employees are left on your own when they take a vacation or sick day.

With IT outsourcing in Salt Lake City, we’re here for you when you need us, but you don’t have to pay for us to be onsite 40 or more hours per week.

Whenever you or one of your employees has an issue with your software, hardware, printers or VoIP, just give us a call. If necessary, we can do a site visit to correct the problem. However, a lot of the issues that arise with businesses can be taken care of remotely. That means we can talk you through it over the phone, or we can access your computers remotely to investigate the issue.

How IT Support & Infrastructure Services Save You Money

Businesses often start out using home computers and progress to more sophisticated equipment. We understand that you want to put as much of your profits as possible back into growing your business, and not spend them unnecessarily.

Oftentimes businesses think they are saving by doing their own payroll, IT services and cleaning. But the truth is all this takes away from you putting your time and energy into improving your product or service. You know your business best, and we know IT best.

The more time you spend trying to find out what’s wrong with your computer or why you can’t find the printer, the less time you have to put into your business. We’re the experts and we can help you quickly.

For the best in IT outsourcing services in Salt Lake City, contact JCIT today.
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