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Voice over Internet Protocol

Many companies are using business VoIP today instead of landlines. There are many reasons to make this choice, but the main one is probably cost. The cost of VoIP for businesses in Salt Lake City is almost two-thirds less than a landline. JCIT can set up your business VoIP connection for you so you can save money and take advantage of the convenience of this technology.

VoIP Is Cheaper

While your biggest cost savings with business VoIP is avoiding paying monthly fees to a carrier, another savings comes from not having to buy traditional telephones and all the related hardware. Business VoIP companies provide any hardware you need for free, and they take care of software and maintenance.

VoIP Is More Reliable

At one time, you couldn’t make or receive calls with VoIP if your internet went down, but it’s not that way anymore. VoIP won’t work without an internet connection, but if yours goes down, you can forward calls to your cell phone — you never have to miss a call with business VoIP.

VoIP Is Convenient

One of the conveniences of business VoIP is that many — or even all — your employees can use it at the same time. With a traditional landline, you need different lines (numbers) for each employee. If you have a very business with only one line, others may need to wait to make calls — unless you have business VoIP.

VoIP Is Good for Conferencing

If you use conferencing with any regularity in your business, it will be much easier — and cheaper — with VoIP. This technology also helps a great deal if you want to use video during your conferences or share images, graphics or text.

VoIP Makes Customer Contact Easier

It’s easier for your customers to call you or your employees with VoIP. That’s because you can use the company number anywhere you are in the world. You don’t need to be in the office. Your salespeople can get calls at home or while traveling to other cities — even abroad.

Keep Your Same Phone Number with VoIP

Additionally, the number never has to change. Right now, if you move locally with a landline, you may be able to keep your number. But if you move farther, or to another city altogether, you won’t be able to keep that number. With so many businesses nowadays not being brick and mortar, it’s unrealistic to think you would be located in the same spot for many years. VoIP is the perfect solution. Your number stays the same to matter where in the world you go.

Enjoy More Features with VoIP

You can get all the same great features you had with your landline, except with VoIP, they’re better and cheaper. Convert voicemails to text and send them to a group of people with just one click. Enjoy caller ID, store contact lists or ask your provider about customizing a VoIP package just for you.

Get Started with Business VoIP

To schedule your installation of VoIP for businesses in Salt Lake City, contact JCIT today.

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