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Outsource Your IT For Better Business Performance

The euntrepueneial spirit is alive and well despite the challenges brought forth in 2020. You know what it takes to create and build a business, now how are you going to keep it running effectively? The answer: outsource IT management.

We at JCIT serve the Salt Lake City area and beyond offering expert support for your comprehensive IT needs. Curious about the services we offer to support your business? Keep reading.

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

In order for businesses to run at full capacity one of the best things it can do is to delegate tasks that can be taken care of by other professionals. Delegating IT Services is one of the most effective moves your business can make to set up and maintain your network.

“How to Delegate More Effectively In Your Business” is an article that was published by Forbes emphasizing the importance and the effectiveness of delegating tasks. The author, Mark Zwilling, is the CEO of a business that supports startup professionals and he knows a thing or two about business development.

A few points Zwilling endorses from one of his mentors:

  • Choose what tasks you are willing to delegate.
  • Pick the best person to delegate to.
  • Trust those to whom you delegate.

If you choose to take advice from this expert, you’ll understand just how much time, energy, and money you will save by outsourcing IT needs within your business.

Network Support & Maintenance 

JCIT takes pride in employing certified and talented individuals who know what they are doing when it comes to the initial set up of your company’s network to the maintenance of it.

It’s safe to say that computers seem to have a mind of their own sometimes. Delegating challenging tasks of navigating hiccups within softwares and complicated hardware isn’t worth the headache, so leave that to the professionals. 


Voice Over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VOIP, will give your company’s communications a cohesive professionalism and increase the productivity of your operations. 

VOIP software allows for voice calls, call recording, caller ID, emails, text messages, and more. One example of how businesses utilize VOIP is that it allows their employees to dial from their computer, speak with the individual, and have their call recorded...all through the software. Customer service is sure to improve with this capability!

Data Back-Up

A major concern of companies is the loss of important data and information. 50 years ago a fire burning through files in an office building was a business’s worst nightmare. Nowadays, a fire doesn’t even need to occur for the possible loss of data to occur. Like you, we care about the preservation of your company’s essential and even private information. Luckily our technicians and engineers can customize the perfect plan to protect your company from a catastrophic loss of data.

Are you thinking that comprehensive IT support is what you need to implement into your company? Are you ready to get that business running as effectively and efficiently as possible?

JCIT works with any budget! Just call us for a quote and let’s see what we can figure out for what your company needs to be successful.

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